Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So thanks to getting black out drunk by 10pm last night I had the most amazing dream, ever.

I was a baseball player from the Tampa Bay Rays and I was in the dugout and a fly ball comes near and I jump out of the dugout and run into the stands and catch it, before some dumb lady can catch it.

Then I'm at the plate and I'm kinda talking to the pitcher and I'm all like "why don't you pitch it underhand, you won't" and he does but I don't swing!

Then I'm still at bat and I ask him to autograph the ball that I caught so that I could give it to the lady who would have caught it, then he pitches me underhand again, and I swing, HOMERUN!

Then the garbage truck outside woke me up and I've basically been dealing with an awful hangover all day.

Oh, also I covered the walls in notebook paper and then drew all over em with crayons markers and charcoal. I filmed it.