Monday, March 16, 2009

A kid in a fixed gear bicycle forum I'm a part of was bitching about a photo of a geared bike being posted in a thread called "bike porn", which is basically photos of really nice bikes.

here's the picture...

His comment;
"is that a derailleur i see?
get that shit out of here!"

My response, which I really like, for some reason, and I wanted to note it in the annals of my blogdom, or whatever- basically just to remind myself that, sure I'm witty.

Hey, all porn doesn't have to be simple and easy to manipulate(fixed gear). sometimes porn is complex and hard to understand, like a french girl who's a swinger who tell you that she wants you, now, but when you get back to her place her boyfriend is there waiting, naked, and you know, you've had some drinks and the camera's already rolling so you just figure, fuck it,(road bikes) at least you have a story to tell from your European trip beside being stuck in Dusseldorf and buying a coke a cola for 6 dollars...

I'm sober and really bored, go figure.