Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So incase you've missed it, here's an update of my health...

So last month I hadn’t been to the doctor in years, now I’ve got 4 doctors. I have a team of doctors just waiting to poke and prick and probe my every orifice.

SO, the Doc and I talked for about a hour and she felt around a bit on me and she’s come to some conclusions.

1. I’m now on Zoloft. Okay, I sort of expected this, we’ll see how I do.

2. I either have a bleeding ulcer or a GI bleed… which is kinda sorta serious.

3. I get to sample my own stool!

4. I get to partake in a colonoscopy, whilst under general anesthesia, which is scary.

Here are some PRO TIPS for everyone, feel free to pass along all this sageness to your friends.

1. Don’t take 12-15(sometimes I took more) excedrine for pain for 5 or 6 years. This will fuck up your stomach.

2. Don’t take 12-15 excedrine for pain for 5 or 6 years while being an alcoholic. This will fuck your stomach up.

3. Anxiety and smoking with caffine in addition to the previously mentioned PRO TIPS will fuck up your stomach.

Oh yeah, I also get to get full blood work done so that they can see what else is wrong with me besides the obvious.

Sooooo the rest of this day will be spent drinking caffine free rootbeer and watching A&E until Sunshine comes to visit me late tonight.

Should I get a Clean and Sober tattoo?
So I recorded a new song I wrote Monday.

If you please, you may listen to it here,
over at Tumblr

Here's the txt from the same linked post.

Okay, so I wrote this Monday night. Recording is getting easier, scratch tracks, guitars, vocals. 1.2.3. Again, no effects just me. Hope you like it.

I got off that cross town bus, like a hundred times before
didn’t mean to cause no fuss when I got to your door
as I told you all the things I’ve said ‘cept for this time they were in my head
and I tried to make you see what you’re lookin’ for is me.

On a ramble late one night girl you took me by surprise
on a ramble late one night as I looked into those eyes

and I saw reflected back at me just the kind of man I want to be
and I danced around inside my head at the thought of you and what you said
I can make a fresh new start with the help of you inside this heart

on a ramble late one night you took me by surprise

Here’s the story as I pictured it in my head;

so like this guy in head over heal for this girl and he has to tell her and he catches the bus over and goes to her door but she won’t let him in and he’s telling her, through the door

“I can think of a million reasons why we won’t work, but I can only think of a handful of reasons why we should work and those are the reasons why I need you, those are the things that matter…”

And as he’s telling her all this he starts to break down while thinking about all the good times that they’ve had and how he feels that he can make himself better, he can see his change in her.

And that’s how it ends. Does she open the door? I don’t know.