Monday, December 31, 2007

end of the year rantienss

this is it, the end.

this year i suppose i did a lot.

i moved back to bradenton, and then to sarasota again, to pay an ungodly amount of money on my housing situation.

i biked a whole lot, you know how i do.

drank a lot. stopped drinking.

got really unhappy, got a bit happier, got super bummed, back to pretty positive now which is good.

started working at whole foods market, which i only kind of like.

lost a LOT of weight, 30+ pounds, the healthy way.

got a Bret Easton Ellis tattoo.

organized a pretty sweet bike race.

saw a few pretty okay shows, nothing stellar, last weeks We The Kings show was pretty much a total blast.

MY HOTEL YEAR reunion show was totally amazing.

went to busch gardens, which was a lot of fun.

things are never what they seem, everything is so temporal. why waste time caring about anything? it's all moving and passing us by. you're probably thinking Ayn Rand here, but you're not even close.

this year, more so than any other i've wanted so much less out of life, and got so much more.
i just don't care about anything, but what makes me happy right now, and not in a selfish way. i'm not out hurting people to satisfy myself.

Album of the Year: Feist- The Reminder, We The Kings- Self Titled.

Film of The Year(not necessarily released this year): The Bourne Ultimatum, The Good Shepherd, A Prairie Home Companion (and probably a few i'm forgetting)

Novel of the Year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

media somewhat ruled/ruined my life this year, having a phone that has the internet at my fingertips is some what of a blessing/curse.

i really want to become better friends with the friends i have now. if asked who my best friend was this year, based on things like who did the most for me, who was there for me, what did i do for others the most based on friendship, i can honestly say i couldn't name one person.

i'm sure others came through for me at times, and i know i've been there for a few people, but i can't place a dot over one person, incident, or event. which makes me pretty sad, to say the least.

i thought i fell in love once this year in October. maybe i'm still there, but i think i'm not.

2008 may prove to be better, because i feel that i'll be in a much better situation being closer to friends and not having to live alone like i am, which is completely fucking awful because i get really lonely. Charles Bukowski said it right, "You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense"

but in all honesty, i'm really stoked on life, remember me in 2003/2004? always super pumped to be happy?

look for that guy next year, in 2008.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Look for an update Sunday night, it will explain a lot about what I've been up to lately, including the alleycat I'm putting on Friday and Saturday and what the name of this blog means to me.

In the mean time, i direct you here...