Monday, August 25, 2008


So I made a few changes around the ol' blog, not that I really believe that anyone reads this, well maybe a few people. Although i think to myself, "i rss so many blogs, I'm sure someone reads mine." which isn't really logical, anyways. On to the Updates!

I added a slide show at the bottom of the page, so hopefully that'll be cool. It's basically of photos I've already posted here, but I'm hoping it'll make for nice page content. I also updated the links section and changed around a few other odds and ends type thing.

Enjoy. Oh and if you read this or RSS leave me a comment and let me know.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've been very stressed out lately. This isn't good, but I'm working on changing it.

When life gives you lemons, ask for some vodka.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm not sure if I can quite express my dissatisfaction with myself.

I'm extremely unhappy that my body doesn't metabolize food the way that other people I know do. Some people can eat anything they want and not gain a pound and I on the other hand have to control and micro manage my diet to avoid gaining weight.

I'm bummed that I don't have money. Even a significant amount like say, 1,000 dollars saved. Some people can just go anywhere and do and or buy anything. And I can't. I've always been poor. Why would god or whoever provide a desire for something and not provide the means?

There are certain people from my "circle of friends" that I know who I'm jealous of because of their good looks. One person in particular.

The bigger question I think is why do I perceive myself to be inadequate in almost every way in comparison to my friends or to people that I know?

Why do I get on my bicycle and ride the streets debating with myself about getting a drink only to end up buying a 12 pack and working more than half way through it?

When will I be who I want to be?
It's crazy how during a relationship all of your shortcomings arn't a problem, but after a break-up the shortcomings are suddenly your biggest flaw.

I'd like to think that this only applies to the more petty person in the relationship. I mean, I'm not going around referring to her as, "that bi-polar clinically depressed attention needing bitch". I mean i could, but I don't. I just don't.

Ah well.

I've been biking and having a good time doing so. Hopefully I'll have a nice ride tomorrow.

Pictures to follow.

Monday, August 4, 2008

So I've been single for about 3 weeks now, after my failed engagement was over I've just been laying low, biking, beering, and seeing a few different girls. Nothing too serious but you know, fun.

I think she's been hanging out with this guy we work with named Jason. Which I suppose is okay. I mean he's not a bad guy etc etc. But the main reason Kristen and I are no longer together is because of her mental instability. I recognize this but I have serious doubts about another guy seeing this flaw in her. I'm terrified that she'll be exploited. What's interesting to note is that I get this protective feeling towards her confused with myself actually missing her and her being around etc, and also with the feeling that I'll never find another because at 27 I'll never ever love again. Logical i know.

What's important to remember is how much of a living hell she made my life, how she lied, her irresponsibility, and how completely unmotivated and lazy she is.

So what if she's really hot and has an incredible body?

I have my bicycles, my dog, my health and a good job.
Most importantly is that I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to.(aside from biking to Gainesville)

Time to go to work.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Even the best laid plans...

So last Friday night I left for my epic trip to bike to Gainesville, FL.

I left at 2am thinking, brilliantly that I would beat the traffic and the heat and I got about 50 miles into the trip before I got so completely terrified that I turned right around and came back home. I'll tell you a few things.
1. When taking a trip that far, go with a buddy.
2. Even with 4 lights it's still dark as fuck.
3. Every passing car will run you over, or contains a car load of escaped killers who want to kill you(at least that's what your mind tells you.)

So with my tail safely between my legs, i got in the truck and drove me and my bike to Titletown USA.

Where i promptly went to a few bars/parties

And hung out with a lot of old friends,

Biked the Hawthorne Trail

Took another self portrait

Felt jealous and embarrassed for Aaron's Kit

Immersed myself in the swamp

Found some wide open spaces at Paynes Prairie

Drove home on Tuesday and shared some pints

And some Liters

Heather and Buddy

Went to a museum with a special lady,

Fixed Gear bikes are everywhere!

Saw a little castle

And some compelling art.

And that is how i spent my summer vacation, and there's still two days left.

hopefully I'll be able to get a good long bike ride in tomorrow night and then it's back to work Monday afternoon!

It's been a great week.