Monday, August 4, 2008

So I've been single for about 3 weeks now, after my failed engagement was over I've just been laying low, biking, beering, and seeing a few different girls. Nothing too serious but you know, fun.

I think she's been hanging out with this guy we work with named Jason. Which I suppose is okay. I mean he's not a bad guy etc etc. But the main reason Kristen and I are no longer together is because of her mental instability. I recognize this but I have serious doubts about another guy seeing this flaw in her. I'm terrified that she'll be exploited. What's interesting to note is that I get this protective feeling towards her confused with myself actually missing her and her being around etc, and also with the feeling that I'll never find another because at 27 I'll never ever love again. Logical i know.

What's important to remember is how much of a living hell she made my life, how she lied, her irresponsibility, and how completely unmotivated and lazy she is.

So what if she's really hot and has an incredible body?

I have my bicycles, my dog, my health and a good job.
Most importantly is that I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to.(aside from biking to Gainesville)

Time to go to work.