Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's crazy to think what the internet can do for you.
I remember like oh, 12 years ago when I first got the internet and it was kinda like a playground full of 5 year olds, everyone running around trying to do this and that and it was just a big bunch of chaotic mess.

Now, people can effectively market themselves as a brand, BASED ON THEIR PERSONALITY. Of course this has been done for years, but in the past you usually had to have done something first, like being a stand up comic who became known for one bit or character, or maybe a actress who happened to get crazy in public. They had a marketable image to sell AFTER obtaining some form of success.

Here we're seeing someone, who was completely unknown and became "famous" based on their personality through the internet. No prior fame or achievement required- the internet discovers the new talent.

ijustine really creeps me out, and I'm not joking. Her flashy/sexy smile, blond hair, Midwestern family values good looks, her hot body, her obsession with Apple Computers... It's all too much. In my reality, she doesn't make sense, her existence as a famous internet person who has found success based off of nothing makes no sense. Ha, anyways, moving on.

This is being done, obviously through myspace and blogs and youtube and now twitter. Last year when I signed up for twitter I was unsure, but watch this short video, you'll be sold...

Then I watched the promo video, and I was sold. The video people, Common Craft really did a great job and I wouldn't have signed up if not for the video. Also, I never imagined that people could become "famous" using it OR that established celebrities(or famous hasbens) would use it to broaden their fanbase and stay in touch with their fans. Of course this is exactly why it was designed, I just know that the folks who run twitter didn't expect it to blow up so big. I mean, the server used to go down all the time due to heavy use.

What am I trying to say? Well, obviously I'm bummed that I'm so short sighted and or boring, because I'm not internet famous, yet.(do i even wanna be?) And also, I'm also a bit scared, because I'm starting to believe that marketing people will one day run the world.
We're too connected in the fake world, and not close enough in the real world.

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