Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If you read this, leave a comment so that I feel better about myself and what i've just written, becuase you know, it's important to me. Kinda.

I don't know that I want to use blogger anymore. I prefer Tumblr. I find the user interface of blogger ridged and un-responsive and its lack of media capabilities is annoying too.

I only really keep it because it's like a time capsule of my life, I tend to only post seriously here, like I did last night. Tumblr is more of a flash, it's users post multiple times a day, and at times it's hard to keep up with the content of the people that you choose to follow. For example, just check out my tumblr HeyMikeWaskom. It's full of media, and random blurbs about such. I like that aspect.

A drawback to blogger is that I don't feel that people really read my posts here(due to lack of comments), that they realize that the content is always serious and soul searching, or at the least very honest and readers tend to skip over such content. We don't want to get too involved in the emotional development of those around us, because then it would force us to examine our own selves.

Of course there's the problem of wanting what basically equates to an emotional handjob when it comes to blogs. I want you to read my posts and to comment about how tragic I am and how you too, someone just like me identifies with my problems and how, eventually everything will be alright.

When in reality things don't work themselves out, rather bigger problems occur and the previous problems fade into the background of our consciousness and further become a hindrance to our emotional, spiritual and social development.

And that's where I am now. So, leave a comment with what YOU think about all this because I don't want the comments that are like, "ur so sad, i like u".

What i really want with these posts(what I hope I've been doing all along) is leaving the questions and queries open ended for discussion. I want you to discuss in the comments, I want to spark conversation(that of course centers around me).