Friday, February 20, 2009

Woah, long day.

Up EARLY at like 6am, got some p-cakes and relaxed until the mall opened, where i got some new Vans, finally new shoes.

Then I shot home and grabbed a beer and hung around with my dog. Oh, went to Panera bread too.

One of my bosses called, and so I agreed to sell my truck to her husband, so now I'm car-less and I finally feel burden free. Without weight and free. It's fucking great.

So now this week I'm up like 17hunny and on a mad shopping spree.

Now, I'm drinking some more cold ones and listening to this amazing Dashboard Confessional mix I made on Grooveshark.

If you don't have Grooveshark let me explain it. It's basically a way better version of Pandora Radio, only without the corporate bullshit and a few less songs, but it's getting there. Oh and it's run by dudes in Gainesville, so check it out.

Oh yeah, I also got a hacked version of Mi***oft office suite for mac, and new head phones, and a wireless router.

Good times.

"truth is in a tall beer" - Dashboard Confessional, Drowning.