Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here's a long one...

So this probably isn't interesting to anyone, but it's been on my mind for a little while, to do a character sketch of some people that I see often, people that I would call friends. I bet you never thought I thought so much about you...

Figure out for yourself who's who.

You're a good boyfriend, who trust his girlfriend and is totally comfortable in his relationship, or you're a total fool. Either way, I'm jealous, you seem happy and that matters. I'm sure you have your problems but what's nice is that you seem to live in the moment and you're not worried about with is past or what will come. You're patient, and after some one gets to know you, you're warm, quite and controlled.

You're wild, uncontrolled, spontaneous and fun. You're good looking and people like you, they want to be around you. You're underestimated and smart. Good with your hands, can fix anything. You don't try very hard at life, but if you did you'd find you were very successful. You'll eventually knock some girl up and get married.

You're unhappy, but it's not life that's in your way, it's you. It's too easy to not do much, but at the same time you don't give a shit. You've got a great bf and I hope that you appreciate him for all that he is. Tomorrow you could be gone, moved away to another city and I wouldn't be surprised, because you're going to do something super cool with your life, you just don't know what that is right now.

You're really pretty, borderline really hot and that's all that most people see. But you're also gracious and graceful. I'm not sure anyone understands you because they don't ask, they're afraid to. One day you're going to shock everyone and say something or do something that no one expects, but you won't be surprised because you knew all along and everyone did you the injustice of selling you short, again and again.

You're the guy that every guy thinks they want to be friends with, you're guy who every guy thinks they want to be, but then after a while they find that being you is too hard. It's a burden. You're incredibly sensitive and caring and being those things is fucking hard, no one wants that, it's something you're born with. You've made some bad decisions, but they felt right in the beginning and now, after the River Card is dealt, you're ok with your hand. You're okay because you know it could be worse. You're just looking for someone to understand you, to connect with, but she's hard to find, because letting someone into your life who's emotionally transparent and okay with that is not a good idea. So until then you'll just be moderately sad and people will still admire you.

You were the ditz, but that's not accurate because you're a very committed person. You're up for anything. You'd probably drive to the moon to pick up a friend and then get drunk and fall over in a pile of your own piss and no one would think any less of you. In my opinion you make some bad decisions and let people take advantage but that's just who you are and eventually you'll find who's right for you and you'll see everything take shape, like a Dali painting coming to life taking shape and making its self right.

You're the wild girl, boys like you, but you like the wrong boys. I think you chase too many dreams at once, which spreads you thin, caught between the familiar and the unknown, unable to commit to either. I can't ever imagine you having a real job, or a real house or a real life. You are going to be what Cameron said Ferris Bueller was going to be, a Fry Cook on Venus. And you know what, I think that's fucking swell.

You're a princess, you always will be. You picked a shitty husband, he's a pussy and just as needy as you are. The difference is that you're really good at whatever it is that you do, you're skilled. It helps that you're pretty, but that doesn't define you. You're defined by your strength, your ability to adapt and your quick wit. You're the type of person everyone should be thankful to have in their lives.

You've been hurt, and although I have nothing to do with it, I feel guilty. I read the words he wrote about you and I get angry. Your problems in the past were not your fault, they were his. You need to know that there's a Balance. You're also hilarious, and I think it's hard for a woman to be truly funny without coming off sexual in her humor, but you do it. Being funny also requires being really smart, and You're as sharp as they come. You'll go on to do a lot of really cool things, and leave behind all the shit that brought you down in your past because you don't know it yet but you'll learn that who you are is a rare person who can deal with anything. Often times I try and put my two cents in, to interject and I realize that you don't need my help, and that impresses me. You have dignity that makes me feel ashamed of myself and although I'm sure you don't hear it, you're gorgeous.

These are the friends that I've made since I've moved to Naples. People who, for the most part grew up in this shit hole and have formed a eerie bond with one another. Like movies about prison, the main character always has a buddy and these people are that buddy for one another. I'm jealous, I'm humbled, I'm sad at that type of friendship, that I can only hope for.