Monday, February 23, 2009

Okay, so you ever get that drunk myspace message from people?
So, I got one, over on my bands myspace( from this random kid, who I don't ever remember meeting. It goes to show, someone is always watching you, or in this case listening.

I don't know what to think, I'm totally taken aback and flattered...

what is up man. im from srq and i dunno if you remember me but i used to go to ur shows along tim ago when i was a freshie. ive been good friends with stu. but i remember going to an of empires show when they played with the perks and i know u used to work at apple bees with brad peel and mike whalen on university and date kim conrad she was one of my really good friends... and all i can say is you have influenced my music selection since i first heard you.....and i havent listened to you in a while but i just liwstened too your full playlist and it was stilll amzing. si this inst to kiss ass...your music is fucking amaizing waskom. take this as flattery and not me makin an ass of myself cuz im prettty drunk right now.
but you got"em all beat with that acoustic shit!

Does this mean that I really do have something with my music, or is there one deranged kid out there in Sarasota?