Monday, February 16, 2009

This is a reminder to myself to write these topics out in long form, an essay or article perhaps.

in my opinion it's the most exciting sport that's out right now, there are literaly dozens of stars in Pro Basketball, every team no matter how big the market has at least one super star. It makes watching the season really exciting, because there are always records being broken, unbelievable plays being made and anything can happen. Because it's so accessable in urban areas it makes it easy for kids in those areas to practice and get really, really good. It's easier I think for a kid out of highschool to go pro in Basketball than in any other sport, I think because it can be played and practiced alone.

Also, what's neat about basketball is that one player can actually carry a team to victory by himself, sure there are 4 other guys out there on the court but look at Kobe Bryant, he's scoring on average 40 points a game, that's like almost half the points a night out of one player, insane.

2. I'm really in love with Action Sport videography and production. I think that they're doing it more original and more creatively than what indie film makers are doing, even better than big production houses and big named directors.
It's just so easy to do all of this from your bedroom on your Macbook Pro. I really believe that in next 10 years we're going to see directors come out of the action sports world and cross over into major motion pictures. My friend for example Mike Adno.
I really dig on his style of film making. He, like many other artists in this field have the time and the energy to really do this and do it well.

When I watch action sports videos, I see better angles, faster action through the use of scooters or skate boards to film from, you can get really close to the subject without the loudness or danger of filming from trucks or cars. I see the overuse of wide angle lenses, but I kinda like it. I see an effective use of music, to compliment the subject, not just be in the background. It's fun. it's smart. It's exciting.

That's it for today, big day planned so far today I have to get un-hungover, take a bike ride, eat something delicious.