Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's only Thursday and it's already been a tough week.

Monday and Tuesday I was a ball of nerves waiting for the election results. Thankfully, Obama clinched it and Wednesday morning I woke up for the first time in months and I wasn't worried. I didn't immediately turn on CNN. I actually lazily turned on VH1 and watched music videos, what a wave of relief.

I had my first chiropractic visit today, with an adjustment, pain free for the first time in 5 years and it was amazing. Although bad news came along. I have the beginning of arthritis in my neck and that I have the spin of a 40 year old.
This I find somewhat frightening, to think that perhaps one day in the near future I could be some kind of cripple is terrifying. One day, if I don't take care of this I could wake up and not be able to walk properly or turn my neck. I've never really, honestly confronted my own mortality, and if I were being honest here, I don't plan to now. But I DO have chiropractic visits lined up for the next few months, I want to be well and live without pain.

Back to politics I've been reading(per usual) tons of blogs and I can't believe how many people, usually young 18-21 year old girls believe that political issues don't touch them. They truly believe that their lives aren't affected by whomever is president etc. Also, I've recently encountered a few younger people who are genuinely afraid of Barack Obama, and really wanted John McCain to win. I can only scratch my head.

Anyways, I get to ride my bike to work tomorrow, and that always feels nice. Oh and yesterday I deep fried some catfish.