Sunday, October 5, 2008

One thing I'd like to note about Christians is that Christians in my experience tend to vote for Christians. This is typical across the board, even if the Christian candidate tends to have a poor economic plan, or a poor or reckless view on foreign affairs. They want to vote for the person that has the same god as they do, if they think that god has appointed said candidates they too should vote for them.

Aside from John F. Kennedy(and vaguely, because JFK was kinda shady) I can't think of any Democratic president who was deeply religious. So in my opinion Christians tend to vote republican.

How doe the republicans turn the christian voter around? Well, it comes from the christian right deciding that God doesn't want them to vote for the person who speaks His name loudest, they should be voting for the candidate who has the soundest perspective on economic issues, social change, and foreign policy.

But logically, this won't happen.

I know this to be true because I don't know one middle aged christian who is going to vote for Obama, and any serious christian I know who is voting I find that they're voting for a 3rd party candidate like Ron Paul. They don't want the lesser of two evils, they want to vote their conscious. And how does the democrats convince these people who would vote for a 3rd party to turn their vote to the democrats? It all comes back to educating people about economic issues, social issues, and foreign policy issues, and that in my mind won't happen. It's just too hard to educate Americans.

Also as an aside, why is it such a travesty according to McCain/Palin for Barack Obama or any leader to sit down with dictators around the world? What's so wrote with meeting with the Chavez's of the world? How can it hurt us to listen to their concerns and issues?

If you read this comment, I want your opinions and to know who exactly is reading this, if anyone.