Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm remembering driving to my hockey games with my friend Chris while on my street, listening to Crash by Dave Mathews Band.

They recruited me onto the team because I was a "rollerblader" aggressive inline skater. the team got me all the hockey gear for me, it was all stolen. which i think was cool.

i remember going to one of the 3 denny's in bradenton. i had some serious conversations in those buildings. two of them are gone now. pity.

i remember scoring my first winning goal in a game. ima hero.

and now i think about not being able to drink every day.

i'm having dreams every night where i have to shoot someone to save my life but the gun jams, every time.

i'm thinking i'm gonna move once i finish my ATL training .

and i got high, and i lost faith in a melody, written for a girl when i had nothing left to hide and so i cried because i'm missing you, i'm missing florida, it.s a long way back from california.

i dont want to be "well" i just want to not hate who i am.

i need to meet a nice girl.(irony)