Monday, September 15, 2008

So about a week ago I posted on Livejournal(I know, I know, I'm not a teenager anymore) about my dissatisfaction with the music industry and how good music is marketed to certain people and not to others. you can read the whole thing here!

My great friend Erin Solari responded with some great words that I took as a revelation.

Here's my favorite parts...

Also, the music industry as well as every industry under the sun is going through a huge change. A very sharp turn towards the future, if you will. (check out the book: "the world is flat"... it will open your eyes) What this change is doing in regards to the music industry is killing the tangible unit that is "the record". Discs will never be completely gone, but they are soon to be as obsolete as vinyl.

A commodity, another piece of music paraphernalia like a sticker or button or t-shirt. This is the sad truth about our days of spending hours in the local independent record store exploring new music and coming home with your stereo feed for the next month or so. (The Get Up kids' "something to write home about" stayed in there for like 2 months straight! never left once i swear).
But the good news is: what this means for today's over-saturated market is that it's a) cutting out the middle man that is "the record label". we no longer need the funds or the approval of a label to be successful. b) even tho myspace and such make it easier to bombard consumers with their sounds, the real money-maker and true test of an artist's success perseverance will ultimately be touring.

Fans are tired of the same over-produced/ compressed bullshit. You've got bands out there giving music away. People don't mind paying 99 cents a song, but they want more and more for their money. Hence the importance of the performance and touring. So with the economy and gas prices they way they are, my favorite part about "b" is that it is going to weed out the crap that shows up in your town. More quality music, higher quality performances, less filler means more people will come out to shows and it will be an awesome experience again and everybody wins.

In every market, the corporation is getting broken and the individual is being empowered. Between youtube and myspace, there is no reason why anyone should be oppressed by the preverbal "man". Man, i love the future. ha.

This struck a major chord in me, seeing as how I'm trying to "break" into the music industry myself.

A few weeks ago I came to terms with the fact that I'm willing to do whatever it takes, give up whatever I have to to achieve my goals. I don't need to bow to the corporate assholes to get a record made and I can and will find acceptance without selling my soul.

My ep should be finished in the next two weeks, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with everyone.

Also, here's a recent picture of me ;)