Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tonight I went on another Naples Bike Mass ride. Last week the paper was there and I got interviewed and the story will be on the front page of the local section on Monday. Pretty cool.

I'm finally starting to feel that I have more friends, here in Naples besides Cassie, Melissa, Megan and PJ. It's been really hard on me here. Harder than I might let on. I'm meeting people and having a good time and feeling, I don't know like a part of things.

I always felt like an outsider, someone who couldn't fit in because of my mental problems, the paranoia and the panic attacks etc. So, we'll see, you know.

Cool night, ending with having beers in front of a gas station, reminded me of an old movie you know. This town's not as bad as I thought, and although it's hard to talk to people or even LOOK at people while talking I'm hoping to get a handle on this soon, because I don't want to end up a 30 year old recluse getting all my food and stuff delivered to my house. I mean christ, my windows are already covered in tin foil to keep the light/heat out.

We'll see what happens.