Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It could just be the weather.

I've got to say that i have felt great for the past few weeks. I've been sober almost 6 months, which is ironic concerning bicycling because once upon a time i sold my Jeep to buy a bicycle in order to get sober, and it worked for a time, and now i think it's going to keep working.

I'm feeling completely unencumbered from everything. I feel completely free, from everything and i don't think i could do this or feel this way without bicycling.

I've been thinking about a statement a lot lately,
"The traditional critique of mass society suggests that most people are members of the herd, cogs in the machine, victims of mindless conformity. they lead vacuous, hollowed-out lives ruled by shallow, materialistic values. they are manipulated to serve the functional requirements of the system, and so will never experience true creativity, freedom or even complete sexual fulfillment."

And i'm going to go ahead and say that although i feel it's impossible to break free of mass society, and i believe that it would be ill-advised to do so, i think that i'm far enough away from most conformist thought processes(or lack thereof) to live a happy life, without want of things that i do not need.

One may question why i keep a livejournal and now i have a blog. Well, it's simple, i want to keep my livejournal for my friends and very personal stuff, and i will maintain this blog for more philosophical topics and things relating to life and of course bicycles.

What's funny is that at times i get the feeling that if one could just compose the perfect rss feed and the most diverse bookmarks and create the most mood specific playlist you could be complete. which isn't true, but it feels, at times nice to have these things.

Oh, and i will attempt to keep these entries as extrinsic as possible, otherwise why would i have two journals?

One final note, everyone should go and get the new Zookeeper album "Becoming All Things". for fans of The Gloria Record, and Mineral. Chris Simpson has done it again.

Stream the album here. http://spinner.aol.com/artists/new-releases-full-cds?defaultTab=7